Test and Balance
Fume Hood Testing
Indoor Air Quality Testing

Test and Balance is the process of testing, adjusting and balancing HVAC systems and subsystems to ensure that all products are performing at the design intent and operating at the optimum level. This process includes a review of the design documents, construction observation and a systematic approach to testing and balancing that yields verifiable results.

Fume hood testing and certification of project items is imperative for an optimal performance and safe environment. Each systems flow quantities, both exhaust and supply, are adjusted in order to maintain design intent.

The majority of problems relating to indoor air quality (IAQ) are system related and can be traced to microbial contamination and/or poor ventilation. At TABCO, we will conduct a basic IAQ investigation
to identify the source(s) and recommend appropriate adjustments of IAQ problems.
Life Safety System Testing
Fire and smoke control systems are tested and verified in accordance with local regulations and codes.
Control Verification
Pre-evaluation and system review of all control components and DDC points is completed in an
effort to ensure design intent is met and system operates in accordance with contractual documents
and specifications.
Plan Review
This service will assist in determining the balance ability of the system, thus reducing the time required for balancing and contributing to more efficient and economical system performance.